'Im Jack' Xlogger... (with pictures of proof) Gf.



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    'Im Jack' Xlogger... (with pictures of proof) Gf.

    Post  Marc on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:26 am

    Okay so here is the story..

    We went fighting etc etc. He died because my skills are way better then him.
    Anyways. When he died I was like; Omg he is dead Very Happy.
    And I saw no loot when he dropped, unfortunately.
    After around 10 seconds he logged back in and he was redbarred.
    So yeah,, here is a picture:

    You can see in the left chat bar that 'Skill Z2' (a good friend of mine) tried to pj me AFTER I killed 'Im jack'.Which proves that 'Im Jack' died.
    The right chatbox shows that not only me, or Skill z2, saw him dieing (and xlogging), but also 'Laurakee'. So yeah Smile
    Cry now Jack Sad.

    Oh and btw.. When he logged back in, I start attacking him again as you can see and when he went to 1 hp I'd Killed him again... and again he xlogged.

    Good fight donator account Very Happy.

    **you can see: banana Phone saying: 'Not xlog'.
    That was not about 'Im jack', he did xlogged himself and tried to defend himself against mods who were saying he did xlog Razz.

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